Have you thought about microchipping your pet? At Animal Care Veterinary Hospital, your Greenville and Winterville, NC vet offices, we are often saddened to learn about pets that been lost or run away from home. Many times, simple mistakes lead to this. Pet owners find themselves unable to locate their loved pet. Fortunately, with today’s technology this does not have to happen. Microchipping is perhaps one of the simplest and most effective ways of reducing this big risk to dogs and cats. It is affordable, easy to access in our office, and is painless.

What Is Microchipping?

When you visit our Greenville and Winterville, NC vet offices, we’ll show you exactly how it works. A microchip is no bigger than a single grain of rice. This tiny device is placed under your pet’s skin. We do this with a needle, and it is not invasive or painful. Once in place, that chip contains key information that can be used to notify you if the pet is lost. Here’s what’s important: it does not offer GPS tracking. It also does not emit any type of frequency. It cannot be hacked into. Rather, when a device is scanned over the top of the microchip, it activates it to gather the key contact information for the pet’s owner. It takes just a matter of seconds to complete.

Who Can Use It?

Once in place, the information on it becomes available only to those who have the necessary equipment. This includes many area vets, animal shelters, and some local police departments. Not just anyone can access their information. The microchip does not carry information itself. Rather, it provides just a number. That number is looked up in a database to obtain your contact information. We can do this in both of our Greenville and Winterville, NC vet offices.

Why Should You Get It?

Microchipping offers a wide range of benefits. First, it gives you the ability to protect your pet from ending up in a shelter if he or she gets out. It allows local law enforcement and animal management to keep pets out of danger. And, it is a way to give yourself some peace of mind when it comes to managing your pet’s life and health.

How Does Microchipping Happen?

When you come in to see our veterinarians, we’ll provide you with any information you need. Generally, we can provide the microchipping during any wellness visit. It takes only a few minutes to put in place. We do this using a simple injection under the animal’s skin. We can then check to ensure all of the necessary data is in place.

Why Does Animal Care Veterinary Hospitals Offer It?

Our team knows how important it is for you to keep your pet safe. We are proud to offer this advanced and very safe technology to you. The procedure is safe for us to perform in most situations and does not cause your pet significant pain. However, once in place, your pet gains a level of security that you’ll appreciate.

Pets are curious animals. They want to explore what’s outside. No matter when they get out or how often, having microchipping in place can give you some peace of mind. Give any of our locations a call today to learn more about microchipping. Schedule an appointment with us by calling 252-758-9971. We have three locations to serve your needs in Greenville and Winterville, NC. Call us now for an appointment time.